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Hi! I am Jean Atkinson. A long time blogger from the UK. I’ve created several blogs in the past talking everything shopping and my experience as a florist. Fate has taken me to Malaysia and am now happy I’ve moved here because it’s a wonderful country. It took me a long time to settle in to this beautiful country and since I’ve established myself I decided to continue my passion for blogging about shopping and flowers.

You can say I love to shop. But, I’m a smart shopper because I put a lot of thought into the purchases I make. This is what you’ll be getting from my shopping blog posts. I won’t just provide information about great deals and trendy items. Readers will be treated to my personal insight on all the topics from analyzing deals, comparing trends, and just useful shopping advice.

An early interest that turned into a daily job was becoming a florist. My love for flowers started when I was really young. It grew to this new florist blog I created which contains information about flowers, advice on choosing flower arrangements, and instructions on building a flower garden at home.

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